Government Affairs

2017 National Legislative Conference
​Jim Perucca & Representative Greg WaldenLAB DINNER 0072-m.JPG
May 4, 2017, eight of us from Oregon represented the IIABO at the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America’s Annual Legislative Conference in Washington D.C.  This is a huge event and this year over 1,200 agents participated.
The goal of the Legislative Conference is to demonstrate the extensive grassroots strength of the Big “I “.  We visited the offices of each of our representatives in the House and both Senators.   
​Representative Greg Walden's desk with Ed Davis, John Timm, Trish Fulwiler & Ed Fugo, Brett Slater, Steve Smelley, Mike McUne (Liberty Mutual) and Walden senior staff, Rebecca RayIMG_0499.jpg​Large Agent/Broker dinner desert.  Chocolate coated ice cream and white chocolate edible Trusted Choice cardIMG_0556.jpgimage1.jpgJim Perucca, Representative Kurt Schrader, Mike McUne (Liberty Mutual) and Ed Davis​

​Brett Slater, LeeAnn Smelley, Mike McUne, Steve Smelley, Ed Davis, John Timm, Trish Fulwiler & Ed Fugo with Representive Peter DeFazio senior staffers on DeFazio balconyIMG_0512.jpg​Brett and Beth SlaterIMG_0500.jpg​Dinner at Casa Luca Friday night with Trish Fulwiler, Brett & Beth Slater, Steve & LeeAnn Smelley, Jim Perucca, Ed Davis and Ed FugoIMG_0694.jpg
​Representative Greg Walden's senior staff watching the healthcare vote live with Steve Smelley, John Timm, Trish Fulwiler, Ed Fugo and LeeAnn SmelleyIMG_0487.jpg​Ed Davis, Beth Slater, Brett Slater, John Timm, Trish Fulwiler and Ed Fugo at the W Hotel roof top dining room.  IMG_0557.JPG​Representative Greg Walden speaking at LargeAgent/Broker dinnerIMG_0554.jpg