Website Advertising Opportunities

IIABO Website Advertising Opportunity
· Small banner ad placed on the right side of the IIABO website home page (would replace the Big “I’ Professional Liability ad, the Trusted Choice ad and the RLI ad)
· Advertising space is limited to 3 ads from three different companies and sold on a first come basis
· Link to your website which can include an email link as well
· Includes verbiage provided by you limited to 50 words
· Reaches Independent Insurance Agents across the State of Oregon & service providers nationwide
· Ads are subject to availability and approval by the IIABO staff & exclusive to IIABO members
· Advertisements placed on IIABO’s website do not represent the views of the IIABO board members, staff or association members
Ad Rates:
1 Month   -   $150.00  
3 Months -   $400.00  
6 Months -   $800.00    
12 Months - $1,600.00
Ad Requirements:  All advertising material should be received in electronic format, jpeg or gif, 200 x 200 pixels
Method of Payment:  Payment must be received before the ad is run and can be invoiced to a member agency / company and paid by check or credit card
If interested or you have questions with respect to ads, contact Barb Demings 503.274.4000 ext. 26, toll free 866.774.4226 or email