Oregon Politcal Action Committee (OIPAC)


What is OIPAC? 
The Oregon Insurance Political Action Committee(OIPAC) is the vehicle by which the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of Oregon(IIABO) supports legislative candidates sympathetic to the concerns of independent agents and small business owners. OIPAC is totally dependent upon individual agent contributions because IIABO dues dollars cannot be used for political activities.  Financial participation in political campaign activities is an absolutely essential element of any successful government affairs program.  
What Others are Doing: 
If IIABO members do not provide for OIPAC’s participation in political activities, you can be assured that others will not be reluctant to aid candidates sensitive to their interests.  In a recent primary race, trial lawyers funded roughly two-thirds of the contributions to a Senate candidate whose opponent had supported caps on non-economic damages, a position favored by the insurance industry.  If you want somebody else, such as the trial lawyers, to select the legislature, do nothing! . 
Why Individual Candidate Contributions are no Substitute for Supporting OIPAC:
Your contribution may help you develop a personal relationship with a political candidate, but you are unlikely to be in Salem when the critical work is being done.   Only OIPAC contributions establish a presence for IIABO and its lobbying effort.   A contribution from OIPAC makes a collective statement for the entire independent agent community.  Elected officials will not forget a constituency that appears active and united.  OIPAC can make your contribution count – in districts whose candidates you do not know – when a timely donation in a close race can make the difference. 
As members of a complex and highly regulated industry, we rarely, if ever, have an insurance licensee in the legislature.   The absence of such understanding creates very difficult challenges when dealing with bills as relatively simple as licensing measures or as complex as 2003’s pollution liability issue.  Inexperienced legislators can do, even with the best of intentions, very damaging things. 
It is imperative that IIABO members financially support OIPAC.  Member contributions are the only way we can fund OIPAC.  IIABO dues cannot be used for political activities. OIPAC can accept contributions in unlimited amounts from either business or personal accounts. Oregon income tax credits up to $100 per couple are available for personal contributions.
Please join us by making a contribution today!  Make your check payable to OIPAC and mail to the IIABO, 5550 SW Macadam, Suite 305, Portland, OR 97239.
Thank you for your support!